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Missed Please

Flynn and Brenda Community

An Andy Flynn and Brenda Leigh Johnson Community
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Welcome to the Andy Flynn and Brenda Leigh Johnson Community!

In 2005, the television show The Closer premiered, bringing amazing interregator and sugar addict Brenda Leigh Johnson and toothpick chewing Andy Flynn to televisions. They may not have started off as friends, but today they are the only other person that truly understands the other.

This is their community, celebrating their friendship and relationship in the face of the criminals of Los Angeles.

Community Rules

Everyone is allowed to post, as long as they are a member.
Everyone can comment, whether they are a member or not.
Graphics, videos and fanfiction are all welcome.
Please be accommodating to other users and say if there are spoilers.
All icons more than 3, all wallpapers and all fic must be under an LJ cut.
If you don't know how to use an LJ cut, the information to do so is here.
Fics of any rating are welcome, but if they come under a M/Ma rating or R/NC-17, please lock the post.
Any fic rated M/Ma or R/NC-17 is for over 18s only, please abide by that if you are under the age of 18 or you may find yourself up being interrogated by Brenda.

We have an open challenge at the Community for AU fic based on picture prompts. Check it out here.

See you around Parker Centre!


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